The Business

We are a team of software engineers and marketing experts with 10 years of experience in building, integrating, selling and deploying enterprise software on the cloud with focus and expertise in the financial and retail industries.

Employing innovative approaches, open source software and massive automation, we deliver commodity pricing for the retail industry.

Fashion eKommerce is first and foremost the same as you – an ecommerce fashion retailer. We are therefore well positioned to be your one-stop shop exclusive end to end e-commerce solution. We can provide everything you need from bespoke website design, brand identity, payment and marketplace integration, customer conversations and ecommerce consultancy to fulfill your marketing needs all within a single online store front.

100% Retail Experience
100% eCommerce
100% Design Oriented
100% Magento Platform

The Beginning

In 2011 Cherry Blushes was founded, a luxury online boutique to promote high-end Latin American brands. The company began its life in wholesale retail and today is the UK’s exclusive distributor for South American luxury lingerie and swimwear brands as featured in MODA S/S 13 at the NEC Birmingham in 2012.

Cherry Blushes is 100% focused on the local customer and opened its first online retail channel early in its life. Offering consumers a wide choice of luxury women’s wear including Lingerie, Bridalwear, Swimwear and Shapewear we deliver more than just transactional relationships and leveraging the one thing mega brands can’t compete on – interpersonal relationships with your local consumers and being a part of the fabric of the community is what provides the necessary traction to be successful.

Small businesses can’t compete on price alone as price sensitive customers only stay loyal as long as you’re the cheapest provider, so they need to compete by constantly looking out for new exclusive or niche brands and look to focus brand recognition through maximizing their own online e-commerce presence.” – FEK’s Managing Director.

Fashion eKommerce was formed in 2014. An exclusive e-commerce service for like minded Fashion Retailers’ and is a culmination of three successful business ventures rolled up into one. With expertise in e-retailing, creativity and information technology we now pave the way by providing an all in one retailing service to High Street Boutiques, Online Boutiques and Independent Retailers.

100% Customer Focus
100% Service Oriented
100% Luxury Minded
100% Quality Led
100% Passion
100% Value
100% Fashion
100% IT
100% Design