Every Plan for a Luxury Online Store Gets …

1. Magento/Shopify/WP eCommerce Platform, 2. Free Set Up, 3. Custom Branding, 4. Domain Registration,  5. Mobile Ready, 6. Hosting, 7. Daily Backups, 8. Technical Support, 9. Email Accounts, 10. My Account & Wish list, 11.  Fully Searchable, 12. Lookbooks, 13. Up Sell, 14. Social Media Connection, 15. Shopping Cart Facility, 16. Standard Shipping,

17. Secure Payment Facility, 18. Automatic eMails on Orders, 19. Print Invoices and Shipping, 20. Newsletter Subscription, 21. Payment Integration, 22. Standard SEO,  23. User Training, 24. Inventory Management, 25. Real Time Sales Reports,  26. Configurable Promotions and 27. Content Management. 28. Free eCommerce Consultancy

Plans To Fit Your Size


  • Ready Made Store,5 eMail accounts,2 Hours training,2 HxM for Content Updates
  • Customised Dropdown Menus,1 Banner with Buy Now Button,Catalogue of 50 Products,5 Product Categories,5 Product Subcategories,3 Social Media e.g. Facebook,Best Selling/Price Filtering,General SEO,5 Information Pages
  • Shipping via Royal Mail,PayPal Express integration
  • 1 Newsletter Template,12 Months Content Updates


  • Ready Made Store,10 eMail accounts,3 Hours training,3 HxM for Content Updates
  • Customised Megamenu Menus,3 Banners with Buy Now Button,1 Flipbook,Catalogue of 300 Products,10 Product Categories,10 Product Subcategories,5 Social Media e.g. Facebook,Advanced Product Filtering,Media in Home Page,Related Products Selling,Recently View,Grouped Product Bundles,SEO for Categories,20 Information Pages
  • One Page Checkout,Configurable Shipping,PayPal Pro integration,eBay Shop integration
  • 1 Newsletter Template,12 Months Content Updates

Haute Couture

  • Fully Bespoke Design,10 eMail accounts,4 Hours Training,Bespoke Content Updates 
  • 2 Currency/Languages Stores,Customised Super Mega Menus,5 Banners with Buy Now Button,4 Flipbook,Catalogue of Unlimited Products,Unlimited Product Categories,Unlimited Product Subcategories,7 Social Media e.g. Facebook,Advanced Product Filtering,Media in Home Page,Media in Product Pages,Related Products Selling,Recently View,Grouped and Product Bundles,Add to Compare,Advanced SEO,Unlimited Information Pages
  • Backorder Option,One Page Checkout,Configurable Shipping,SagePay&PayPal Integration,eBay&Amazon Shop integration
  • Optional Newsletter Templates,12 Months Content Updates
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